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Future of the Roleplay Poll Above is the link for a poll that will determine the fate of the Roleplay.
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Notice About Commenting

Spam comments haven't exactly stopped since my last idea why, it's not like the spammers just ignore warnings lol But anyways, they've gotten even more frequent. Every other day, it seems, I have to remove a wildly inappropriate spam comment, and it's frankly getting on my nerves. So, starting now, you may not comment anonymously!!! You will HAVE to have a Google Account or Blogger Account to comment on this blog . This doesn't change much for most of you, as the Roleplay is the only thing really left on this blog as far as general activity (for the moment).  Thank you.


This is mostly for spammers. Literally spam has been the only activity on this site. But note that the rules of this blog are STILL BEING ENFORCED HERE. I am not posting here anymore, but this blog is far from abandoned! Rules are still enforced, I will still reply to comments on this site, the roleplays will continue to exist here, and I might even do all my contests here. So as far as rules go? FOLLOW THEM. Spam will not be tolerated. Thank you.

Nexus of Writers Relaunch

I have relaunched this site in WordPress. This blog will remain with all of its posts, and any Roleplays I do will take place on this blog, but no new works will be posted here. The reasons are explained in the first post on the relaunched site. Link is in the comments

Waiting (Poem by Mark Borne)

I have been waiting, for you to finally choose. I have been hoping, that you'll start to see me, too. I have been anxious, perhaps you will realize that, I have been waiting, waiting here for you.

Game of Chance (Song Excerpt by J. Karas and Caramel)

Roll the dice, Play the game. Life happens, can't stop it. People fade, life does on. It's a game you can't quit, One wrong roll, you're gone. Without time to mourn, The clock ticks on the wall. The battery goes dead, But time doesn't stop at all, It keeps on going ahead. It never stops, It never takes a break. Its always is on top, Of every mistake. Every wrong move, Every wrong breath. We grow older, Our actions get bolder, And we don’t know how, to figure out this game. College is gonna go, Love is feeling close, Time is going on, Why does it feel so wrong? The seconds are ticking away, Every night turns into day. We will be good, We will be bad. We’re humans, Its okay to be sad. We will all fall apart, We all have a broken heart. Rolling the dice with bruised hands, Life is a game of chance. Friends are gone. Retirement now, we’ve gotten old. But we're still not done, Became warm before turning cold. Time